Dear Friends,

'Teaching and Learning Together'

I would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your child to our homely school, and we look forward to happy and constructive collaboration during the years to come.  The new building opened its doors in March 2012, and is currently the home for 400 pupils, all very special children.  My vision for Ysgol Yr Hendre puts the needs of children above all else, and I'm convinced that the pupils deserve the best educational opportunities that we can provide them.

I want this school to be colourful and modern.  A school that respects its history and culture, but also a school that progresses strongly and purposefully towards excellence, thus preparing the future our pupils as citizens.

Our aim at the school is to provide education and experiences of the highest quality to inspire every child to succeed whatever their ability, background and nature.  By offering a high standard of education, enriching experiences inside and outside of the classroom in an environment that is happy, safe and caring, we will ensure that your child develops the skills needed to become a valued member of their community and develop their full potential.

I believe that every pupil should be treated equal to one another, but I also accept that children are different and that they all have the right to succeed in their own different ways.  I respect all pupils, and will teach them to try and develop by respecting other beliefs and cultures as well as gaining respect for their own culture.

I want the curriculum to be motivated! A Curriculum that is broad and full of interest and experiences for the children. A Curriculum that will give them the opportunity to leave Ysgol Yr Hendre as lifelong learners, fully bilingual and with the academic and emotional skills to accept any challenges that life in the 21st Century will have to offer them.

We strive for the best in primary education and our objective is for the children to be happy, kind, loyal to each other, and to have a host of valuable experiences as they develop mentally and socially. We feel that that parents and the community should be a part of the school and should work together to ensure the best education for the children, so that they succeed in achieving their own unique potential.

Education is a partnership! A close partnership and relationship between the children, parents, staff and governors that will ensure your child's success and happiness. Through this co-operation, we trust that your child's time with us will be a happy one, and one that will see them develop educationally and socially. Together, Stronger!

Kind Regards

Kyle Jones


Ysgol Yr Hendre Handbook